Lead Paint Inspection Checklist Be Prepared for your Lead Paint Inspection

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has specific Requirements and Protocols that need to be followed in order for us to conduct your Lead Paint Inspection. Following the list below will help insure a smooth, quick process and help you avoid return and re-test charges. Feel free to contact us with any questions prior to booking your inspection.

  • Contact the Maryland Department of the Environment and register your property, you will be assigned a tracking number, keep the number handy, we will need it to process your Certificate. 
  • Call, Email or Text inSpec Property Services LLC. to set up your appointment. Most times we can schedule you within one to two days. (The Maryland Department of the Environment requires 24 hour noticebefore we can perform the lead inspection)
  • Check the condition of all of the paint, both inside and out, including any outbuildings such as the garage or shed. There should be no chipping, peeling, flaking or damaged paint of any kind. This includes damaged drywall, gouges in paint, worn trim work or chipped corners .
  • Remove any construction debris from the home and thoroughly clean up any paint chips left behind during renovations.
  • Soap and water clean the interior of the home.  For best results change out wash water as you go to avoid cross contamination. Pay special attention to window troughs ,window sills, door casings, and flooring. 
  • After cleaning, vacuum the entire area again using a HEPA or high quality vacuum cleaner.
  • ​Visually inspect the unit and the soil outside the unit to ensure that all areas are free of debris and dust. 

Following the Lead Paint Inspection checklist can help you pass your Full Risk Reduction Lead paint testing on the first try. Avoid return and re-test fees, ensure your property is ready for testing before your inSpec Lead Paint inspector arrives.