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We Pride ourselves on providing reliable Home Inspections, with clear and  concise Inspection Reports. Trust inSpec  to give you an accurate, unbiased view of your new home. 

If you’re buying a home in Maryland, make sure you schedule your  comprehensive home inspection with our licensed and insured inspector.  Inspection reports are delivered within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection.  

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So what’s included in a home inspection?




  • Roof – A visual inspection of the roof will identify approximate age and existing life span of your roofing materials. Inspection includes shingles, flashing, sheathing, structure, and gutters. We will report any leaks or structural damage. 
  • Foundation – Inspection of visible foundation structure from inside as well as from outside of the house. We look for signs of a compromised foundation within other structural elements of the home.
  • Exterior – Inspection of siding, windows and doors, exposed foundation and chimney. We will look at walkways, property drainage, decks, and porches. 
  • Garage  – Inspection of garage doors for proper opening and closing, we will determine if all safety features are properly installed and working.  we will also determine any hazards related to the construction or modifications made to the garage.
  • Windows and doors – Every door and window that can be accessed will be checked for proper operation.  Windows and exterior doors will be carefully checked for signs of water infiltration and wood rot.
  • Staircases – here we will identify any Safety, Structural or trip hazards
  • Kitchen and appliances – we will inspect your Range, Dishwasher, Refrigerator/Freezer, Icemaker, Garbage Disposal Etc. for proper working order and presence of all proper safety mechanisms.  We will also inspect kitchen plumbing and test water temperature, check working function of cabinet doors and drawers, and test the range hood. 
  • Washer and dryer – we will run both the washer and dryer to determine proper working order and check all hoses and electrical connections to insure proper installation and overall operation.
  • HVAC – We will determine age and type of all of the heating and air conditioning equipment and the current condition.  Weather permitting,  we test the operation, measure temperature output, determine proper ignition and safe operation of  gas  and oil fired equipment.
  • Fireplace – check flue and chimney liner where accessible, test gas fireplace equipment, and inspect for any health or safety issues present in the system.  
  • Electrical – inspect outlets and lights and conduct a thorough inspection of the electrical service panel to determine type of service present and if any wiring or electrical defects need to be addressed.
  • Water heater – determine the age and the useful life left on the unit, capacity and overall function. 
  • Sump pump – determine proper operation and correct draining.
  • Plumbing – Determine plumbing materials present in the home, check all plumbing for proper flow and drainage, check for correct installation and any leaks.

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