Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

 Home inspection frequently asked questions

Q. What does a home inspection cost?  

A. The price of a home inspection depends on many factors, the home’s size is the most important factor, but other important information is needed to determine the final price, including age of the home, and if the home has a crawl space. Is your new home a condo, townhome or free standing home? All of these will determine your cost. You can call, email, or text inSpec  and with some basic information receive your free quote.

Q. Your SOP says you do a “Visual Inspection” why can’t I just look around myself? 

A. Of course you can and should look carefully at any home you are considering investing in.   By  “visual inspection” we mean it’s a non invasive non destructive inspection, we can’t cut through walls or pull up carpeting.  We will look not only for obvious defects, but also look for conditions conducive to future problems.  At inSpec we have the background and education to give you the detailed inspection you need to buy with confidence.

Q.So what do you inspect? 

A. We look at all of the major and minor components of the home, operating all of the mechanicals  and structural components for more information check out our Home Inspection page. 

Q.Why should I choose inSpec over all the other home inspectors in the area?- 

A. InSpec uses the right combination of knowledge, technology and dedication to ensure that as much information as possible is provided to you prior to taking possession of your new home. Giving you an honest assessment of your new home is our mission. 

Q.There is a company online offering inspections for $200 why should I pay more?

A. In a word Quality, in home inspections as in many other goods and services, you get what you pay for, there’s always a possibility that the “bargain Home Inspectors” will give you the comprehensive inspection that InSpec provides, but most likely you will get an inspection worth cheap price. Cheap inspectors are usually new to the business, poorly educated or both.  Protect yourself with a quality home inspection. 

Q. My real estate agent says I should only use the inspector they recommend, should I follow her advice, or choose my own inspector?  

A. The best advice we can offer is to follow your gut! Most agents develop working relationships with inspectors and vice versa. At inSpec we have great relationships with a number of the areas most respected agents, so it wouldn’t make much sense for us to say never trust your agent’s recommended inspector.  In the end it comes down to your comfort level, you have to choose the inspector that will represent you and you alone.  At inSpec we have worked hard to build a reputation of independence and impartiality, you can trust us to give you the truth.